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Price Tower – The Landmark Experience

Immerse yourself in this historic landmark by staying the night with Frank Lloyd Wright’s only built skyscraper, drinking alfresco at Copper Bar, touring the 1956-restored and original interiors, studying the vast museum collections through the interactive Architecture Study Center, and exploring the current modern or contemporary exhibitions in Frank Lloyd Wright’s only skyscraper. Price Tower Arts Center’s mission is to provide great art, architecture and design to local, regional and global audiences in an arts complex whose centerpiece is Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, the Price Tower. It is the vision of the trustees and staff to integrate these components into an accessible setting for all ages to enjoy, learn and explore. This is an experience you won’t soon forget! Read more about this history and experience under History.

Price Tower Restored – Ride the Elevator up to 1956

Restored in 2006 to its 1956 appearance, Price Tower Arts Center offers daily tours of Frank Lloyd Wright’s only skyscraper, the Price Tower, and the historic interiors of the H.C. Price Company Executive Office Suite, Corporate Apartment and traditional office settings on floors 17 to19. After four years of research, conservation and restoration (2002 -2006) of the top three floors of Price Tower, tourists can now ride the elevator up to 1956and experience this great achievement.

Modern and Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design in Oklahoma

Price Tower Arts Center is a “traditional” museum in a non-traditional setting, dedicated to providing local, regional, and global audiences with great art, architecture and design from the 20th and 21st centuries. The exploration of these three ideals and their intersection inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s only built skyscraper creates a non-traditional feeling, as the audience is surrounded by the genius of Wright’s angular multi-use skyscraper. The museum is “traditional” in the sense that it has over 13,000 objects in its collections and archives, with a burgeoning library of first edition books and magazines on architecture, design and art as they relate to the mission. Price Tower Arts Center reviews and adds works of art, architecture and design into their collection, as appropriate to their mission, through their curatorial staff and collections committee, as well as displays and interprets both their own permanent collections and temporary exhibitions of 20th and 21st Century works for the public to enjoy.

The collection includes works on paper, paintings, sculpture, furnishings, furniture, scale models, and more. Many items include works by Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff, Dennis Oppenheim, Karim Rashid, Robert Indiana, and more.