Waxing Poetic – Cold Wax and Oil Painting Workshop

Lori Roll, Instructor

Saturday, Sept. 10, 11am – 4pm

Price Tower Art Center
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Lori Roll:

Lori sells her work and teaches at galleries and art centers in Oklahoma, Arizona and Maine.  She became interested in the cold wax method due to the rich history, fluidity and textural possibilities of this expressive medium which is gaining popularity in the U.S. and abroad.  Lori has studied with accomplished artists Pamela Caughey, Karen Stamper, Julie Snidle and Catherine Trapani.


We will explore the creative application of oil paint mixed with cold wax medium to create layers, textures, mark making and personal voice.  Work can be abstract or representational.  Lori provides all painting and multi-media supplies.  After introduction and demo, students will explore and paint!  All levels are welcome.  An understanding of design and color mixing is helpful.  This dynamic class is limited to ten (10) participants to allow for one-on-one attention.

Students bring:

12”x16” Arches Oil Paper pad and a roll of painter’s tape.  Wear old clothes or an apron.  Please bring your lunch.

Supplies Provided: 

Gamblin oil paints

R&F Oil Pigment Sticks

Gamblin wax medium

Charcoal and graphite pencils

Oil pastels, wax crayons, inks and markers

Paint palettes

Rubber scrapers, spatulas and brayers

Stencils, art papers

Mark making tools and palette knives


Baby oil, baby wipes and paper towels for clean-up


$110 per person for not yet members

$100 per person for members

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