Current Exhibition at
Price Tower Gallery

“Damasks & Gold: The Artistry of Jessica Holeman”

Step into a world where forgotten treasures find new life in the hands of Jessica Holeman. In her assemblage art show, once-beloved items, now discarded and time-worn, are transformed into captivating works of art. Through meticulous retouching, reimagining, rearranging, and reassembling, Holeman bestows upon them a new form and renewed purpose.

Experience her pieces through the lens of the collector: envision the Gentleman who cannot resist a cast-off toy, or the Lady who saves every shiny scrap and broken bobble. Their collective efforts converge in a symphony of creativity, where disparate elements are gathered, compiled, and reborn.

Marvel at the curious, surprising, and peculiar. Explore the depths of antiquated woods, trace the touch of verdigris on aged metals, and feel the stories woven into deteriorating fabrics. Discover old mementos, playthings, and trinkets repurposed in unexpected ways, inviting you to wonder at the transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

This show is made possible by the Oklahoma Arts Council and the National Endowment of for the Arts.




“Angels of Pandora: An AI/Human Collaboration”
January 19 – March 24
Opening reception: January 19 from 6pm to 8pm with a gallery discussion with artist, Jon Lindblom.

The inspiration for this angelic series began with a reflection on how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our society. Throughout history, art, religion, and technology have always coexisted affecting the evolution of the other. The current moment marks a monumental shift as technology can now truly collaborate with humanity. Through a series of ethereal works, this exhibition invites you to witness the collaboration of the “digital and biological imagination.”
Upon viewing the exhibition, a narrative unfolds, capturing the full spectrum of emotions that arise when contemplating our future: fear, anxiety, intrigue, uncertainty, beauty, and hope. Join me as we unlock Pandora’s box of possibilities that emerge when technology and human creativity intertwine.
This show is made possible by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Oklahoma Arts Council

Celebrating youth art education and young artists, this annual Youth Art Show has exhibited more than 300 pieces of artwork from students in public, private, and homeschools from grades Pre-K to 12th grade.

In its ninth year, this show has captured visitors’ hearts and emphasized the value of children learning and participating in visual arts education.

Opening Reception
March 30 | 1 pm -3 pm